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More people have been into space than become Masters of Wine, the global community currently stands at 382 individuals from 30 different countries.

Members have in common the achievement of passing the most prestigious qualification in the wine world yet come from a wide range of key sectors in the wine industry. Education, Journalists, Marketing, Wine Travel, Winemakers, Viticulturalists and Wine Business sectors are all represented within our membership. Adding the discipline and breadth of knowledge required to become an MW with a background in a specialist area of the industry makes for a very powerful combination.

MWA seeks to group those commercial or industry facing MWs together to present a commercial opportunity for interested parties to engage in our specialist skills either as individuals or through collaborating MWs complementary skill sets to address a particular challenge or project.

Due to the global reach of the MW community the scope of projects can be localised towards a region or country or may encompass and reflect this global network.

Our Services

Brand Clinic

Understanding the all-round health of your brand in a marketplace is essential to ensuring its long-term success.

Reviewing your brand from the perspective of quality, competitive set, design, price and channel placement by a panel of MWs with decades of specific experience in these elements can quickly determine if your brand is “fighting fit”. Detailed feedback will quickly highlight areas of concern or excellence allowing producers to create a pragmatic brand strategy and ensure continued relevance.

* MW expertise will be drawn from ex-winemakers and buyers for major multiples. For example, in the UK the MWA team has decades of combined experience with Marks & Spencer, Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrisons and across On-Trade distribution

Route Map to Market

Finding your way in a new market can often be a daunting prospect.

An unknown place, people and terrain can make navigation difficult. Wine producers frequently use a degree of trial and error in order to find the best route and partners in a market.

MWA can offer a short cut to this resource-consuming task via a panel of MWs who will recommend the best course between a brand and the destination market.

Bottles to Bodegas

Individuals or organisations wishing to invest in the wine industry often do so from a position of financial strength but often from a position of relative weakness with respect to direct, industry experience.

Whether it be a vineyard, a cellar, brand, an estate or a facility, combining financial strength with the experience and specialist knowledge of a team of MWs can lead to a much more successful investment. MWA can provide asset management advice for those looking to invest in wine from bottles to bodegas.

Flying MW Winemakers

A small group of MWs are also qualified winemakers able to combine the technical diligence of winemaking with the knowledge of what quality and style consumers seek in any given market.

Our combined experience can be of particular use at key times in the winemaking calendar such as at vintage or assembling blending for an important brand. Aligning the quality and style of your brand to the profile of your most important markets will ensure your brand’s continued success. This is an element of brand management.

This small band of MW winemakers can speak the same language as your winemaking teams, able to translate wine quality or stylistic feedback into tangible winemaking adjustments.

Hand Picked Experts

MWs have backgrounds in a wide range of industry disciplines and experience in geographies across the globe.

Winemakers, Viticulturalist, Educators, Journalists, Marketing and Design specialists can be matched to any challenge, anywhere in the world.

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MW Access

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